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Sergio Coronado Delgado

Sergio Coronado

Center of Popular Investigation and Education/ Centro de Investigación y Educación Popular, CINEP

Pontificis Universidad Javeriana (Professor)


Period of the fellowship: 15.05. - 15.07.2016

Sergio Coronado Delgado is Researcher at the Centre for Research and Popular Education – CINEP and also works as a part-time professor in the School of Environmental and Rural Studies at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá. He is a lawyer with Masters degrees in Constitutional Law and Rural Development. His work and research are related to human rights, land policy, territorial conflicts and the territorial rights of indigenous people, afro-descendant communities and peasants. During the last years his work was focused on a research and advocacy project focused on the impact of mining on the rights, territories and livelihoods of rural communities. Currently, he holds the position of as Assistant Director at CINEP.

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