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Shared responsibility - twice as much energy

The first volume of 'Wissenschaftlerinnen-Rundbrief' in 2017 is dedicated to the topic: economy - academics and enterprises. The volume reports about the junior research group GLOCON which is jointly led by Kristina Dietz and Bettina Engles since 2014.

News from Apr 26, 2017

Topsharing in high academic positions: although universities and research institutions are still structured through hierarchies and the individual GLOCON has successfully established a concept of shared leadership. Teamwork is perceived as inspiring instead of cumbersome. The joint top management is a forward-looking model for interdisciplinary and international research.

report on junior research group GLOCON in Wissenschaftlerinnen-Rundbrief no. 1/2017 (Freie Universität Berlin)

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