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Launch of GLOCON Working Paper Series

The GLOCON Working Paper Series is successfully going public with two issues in November 2016. In the working papers, we publish GLOCON’s  ongoing research findings. The papers are intended to open up theoretical discussions on conflicts over land use change in different world regions.

In her working paper “Mining conflicts in sub-Saharan Africa: Actors and repertoires of contention” Bettina Engels develops a typology of mining conflicts in Sub-Sahara African countries based on types of actor constellations. In doing so, she offers an explanation for the use of different repertoires of contention by protest actors. The analysis is based on existing case studies and her own research in Burkina Faso.

In the paper “Struggling for land access” Louisa Prause explores how the discursive context shapes the success or failure of social movement actors’ framing strategies in conflicts over large-scale mining and agro-industrial projects. She analyses two conflicts over large scale land transformations in Senegal comparing an agro-industrial with a mining project. She uses discursive opportunity structures (DOS) and framing as her key theoretical concepts and reviews them critically.

The GLOCON Working Paper Series is available free of charge on our website: