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GLOCON Workshop "Critical Argarian Studies!

May 12, 2017 | 10:00 AM c.t. - 06:00 PM

During the one-day workshop on 12 May 2017 the GLOCON team will discuss the use but also the limits of Critical Agrarian Studies for the analysis of current conflicts over the expansion of the agricultural industry and mining. With participants from Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, Canada, The Philippines, Great Britain, Belgium and Germany,  

Land grabbing and related conflicts are currently the subject of an intense scientific and political debate. In the context of recent changes in the global political economy, investments in land have dramatically increased over the past ten years. Yet, as the field of Critical Agrarian Studies widely explored for two decades, unequal access to and control over land is not a new phenomenon. This field of study has been tackling the transformation of rural areas, with emphasis on the change of land use and the politics of peasant resistance, from the perspective of critical political economy.

Lead discussants and participants are asked to reflect on three key questions:

  • How can we analyze conflicts over land through the lens of Critical Agrarian Studies?
  • Which approaches of Critical Agrarian Studies can we transfer to the analysis of conflicts over mining?
  • How do Critical Agrarian Studies contribute to the understanding of the relation between the “global” and the “local”?

Documentation of the GLOCON Workshop "Critical Agrarian Studies"