Conflicts over mining in Burkina Faso: new web map online

interactive web map Burkina Faso

The research group GLOCON (Global Change – Local Conflicts?) at Freie Universität Berlin launches an interactive web mapping application on Burkina Faso’s large-scale mines and related conflicts. The website aims to integrate geo-data and data of qualitative social research to inform about conflicts over mining in Burkina Faso.

The map can be changed to different bases, such as satellite image or landscape map showing the geographical location of each mine. An extra layer “geological structure” can be clicked on, which shows the geological structure of Burkina Faso. When clicking on a mine, more information, including brief conflict analyses and pictures, is provided. Central documents can be downloaded and further links and literature are recommended. The web map is updated continuously. 

In Burkina Faso, industrial mining has begun in the mid-2000s. Since then, 13 industrial mines have started production (three of them have already closed) and nine more will open soon. Many of the local conflicts relate to compensation and resettlement, lacking job opportunities in the mines, the prohibition of artisanal mining and a lack of recognition. Although Burkina Faso’s mining industry is seen on the rise, as are the conflicts around mining, little is reported about it internationally. This web map enables researchers, journalists and civil society activists to get access to more and relevant information related to conflicts over mining in Burkina Faso.